Date: 11th of May

Place: Mariehemsängarna

Length of course: 4,5k

Starts: Individual or in teams (2-5 People)

Number of obstacles: 11

  • Obstacle 1: Rugby team (What better way of starting the competition by tackling down some rugby players?)
  • Obstacle 2: Hill climb (The tires will not go up and down Bräntberget by themselves)
  • Obstacle 3: Over/under (Did you laugh Bräntberget in the face? Good, time to go over and under some wooden bars)
  • Obstacle 4: Untangle (Welcome to the forrest! Hope you know how to untangle)
  • Obstacle 5: Military Crawl (Nice with some natural light again… No rest though, get down on the ground soldier!)
  • Obstacle 6: The unbreakable dance (From a soldier to a dancer, what a journey. An advice though, please do not take it with you to the night club)
  • Obstacle 7: Monkey bars (I did not choose the jungle, the jungle chose me)
  • Obstacle 8: Misson impossible (Do you want to be the next Tom Cruise? Great, welcome to the audition of the next Mission Impossible movie)
  • Obstacle 9: Splash (Hopefully you will not hit any icebergs, it would be a shame to end up in the brown goo they call water stream)
  • Obstacle 10: Trucker´s deadlift (So close now, hope you have some energy left to move some big old tires)
  • Obstacle 11: Walk the line (You are not done until you are done, please do not fall)